[kapee_heading title_tag=”h4″ title_separator=”underline” title=”“It takes a team to run a good business“” tagline=”We are proud of our team and our growing business. If you have any questions, or indeed need to query any part of our order process, please get in touch with a member of our team.”]
[kapee_team img_size=”full” bg_color=”#f8f8f8″ slider_autoplay=”” slider_loop=”” slider_center=”” slider_nav=”1″ slider_dots=”” rs_extra_large=”3″ rs_large=”3″ rs_medium=”2″ rs_small=”1″ rs_extra_small=”1″][kapee_team_member name=”Tracy Farnden” designation=”Director / Owner” image=”34453″ description=”With a long history of digital media marketing, web design and interior design, Tracy brings a wide range of experience to her role within the business.

Always there to pick up on any issues and handle any customer feedback.”][kapee_team_member name=”Sally Young” designation=”Customer Service” image=”34453″ description=”Sally brings with her a wealth of customer service knowledge and experience and is the first to jump on chasing up any orders that you are waiting for, She has a good rapport with our suppliers and is a great help when sourcing new products too.”][kapee_team_member name=”James Long” designation=”Operations” image=”34453″ description=”James is the one who arranges your order collection and ensures a smooth delivery. He is responsible for double checking our stock levels and troubleshooting any issues.” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” linkedin=”#” skype=”#”][/kapee_team]